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Layering Necklaces

Discover Tiffany’s renowned collection of layering necklaces, featuring pendants, chokers, diamond necklaces and more. Each design is a feat of craftsmanship that epitomises the inventiveness for which we’re known. Creating an artfully layered group of necklaces makes a bold and personal statement. For a timeless look, stack a trio of necklaces by length. Start with one of our delicate layering necklaces or pendants that rests close to your collarbone as your centrepiece, such as a single diamond pendant, coloured gemstone pendant or one of our legendary House symbols, from floral-inspired diamonds to our unique knot motif or key charms. Then choose a mid-length necklace or pendant to sit right below, followed by a long or lariat necklace. For a high-contrast statement, play with proportion or mix metals. Try combining a diamond line necklace with a bold chain necklace, like our signature gauge links, or a medium-length pendant and a dramatic long necklace. Or couple a set of layered chain necklaces that showcase different link styles and sizes makes for a timeless and sleek finishing touch.