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White Gold Jewellery

Explore our collection of striking white gold jewellery, crafted with passion and precision by the world’s most talented artisans. The House’s most iconic designs look as sleek as ever in this luminous precious metal, from white gold bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings to our extraordinary white gold engagement rings and wedding bands. Our white gold designs are the perfect showcase for our legendary diamonds, bringing out their unparalleled sparkle, and signature House motifs, such as our iconic padlock-inspired, T-shaped and gauge link designs. Create a white gold jewellery set by matching pieces for a streamlined look. Or opt for a mix of metals that combines yellow, rose and white gold for a modern, colourful effect. For years, we have focused on the traceability of our precious metals and have been transparent about sourcing practices in our sustainability reporting. In 2022, more than 98% of all precious metals sourced by Tiffany & Co. for jewellery, accessories and fine watches came from traceable recycled, secondary non-mined sources. This sourcing strategy enables Tiffany & Co. to drive additional progress towards reducing climate impacts, specifically in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.