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Rose Gold Jewellery

From our most coveted designs to our latest creations, our collection of 18k rose gold jewellery is thoughtfully crafted by Tiffany artisans who employ time-honoured techniques. This polished metal imbues our most evocative creations with a stunning warmth. Discover designs you’ll wear for years to come, starting with a delicate rose gold band ring or stud earrings distinguished by the House’s signature motifs, such as T-inspired shapes, padlocks, knots and more. For unparalleled sparkle, consider a rose gold pendant or necklace set with our legendary diamonds—the perfect complement to the metal’s beauty. For a bolder look, a rose gold bangle, cuff or bracelet stack makes an unforgettable statement. Mixing rose gold jewellery with sterling silver and white gold gives you a modern, colourful look. Or create a streamlined palette that showcases the distinct blush hue with an all-rose gold look. For years, we have focused on the traceability of our precious metals and have been transparent about sourcing practices in our sustainability reporting. In 2022, more than 98% of all precious metals sourced by Tiffany & Co. for jewellery, accessories and fine watches came from traceable recycled, secondary non-mined sources. This sourcing strategy enables Tiffany & Co. to drive additional progress towards reducing climate impacts, specifically in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.