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Men’s Jewellery

Our men’s jewellery collection features classic and reimagined designs crafted with our signature time-honoured techniques. From men’s signet rings to chain jewellery, I.D. jewellery to striking pendants and bracelets, our elegant essentials will be worn for years to come. Start with one of our coveted minimalist designs, such as a metal band ring, a chain link bracelet or sleek cuff. Our striking padlock-inspired bracelet is made for all and features a unique oval shape that contours to the wrist. A men’s I.D. pendant or bracelet is a timeless wardrobe essential that expresses its owner’s individuality. For men who appreciate bold style, our modern chain link jewellery features sculptural links that reflect our artisanal heritage and the House’s signature gauge link that we originated for a striking silhouette. Our men’s diamond jewellery features pavé diamonds, diamond accents and solitaire diamond designs for a polished look. Select men’s jewellery designs can be personalised with an engraving—initials, an important date or custom design—for a special touch.