Frequently Asked Questions

What shall I do if I lose my Tiffany Gift Card?

You must keep the details of your Tiffany Gift Card safe, and not display them publicly or on any social network.


In case of loss or theft of your Tiffany Gift Card, you must immediately contact an advisor from our Client Care Center at 0800 160 1837 and follow the instructions of Tiffany & Co. personnel.


You must inform us immediately, including if you suspect that a physical Tiffany Gift Card (purchased on the Tiffany & Co. UK Website) has been lost in transit prior to delivery, so that we can cancel or block your Tiffany Gift Card to prevent unauthorised use. You may be asked to provide the details of the purchase, which may include transaction ID, name, email address used, Gift Card number and PIN code of the relevant Tiffany Gift Card, value of the gift card and date of purchase, depending on whether you have purchased a physical Tiffany Gift Card or E-Gift Card . The Gift Card number and PIN code are provided in the gift card attached to the confirmation email at the time of the purchase for E-Gift Cards, and are printed on the back of physical Tiffany Gift Cards. You must keep a copy of the Tiffany Gift Card number and PIN code in a safe place, and not share these with any person (other than with the User).


Please note that Tiffany & Co. will issue a replacement Tiffany Gift Card only upon the written request of the Purchaser (not of the User) and at its sole discretion; in this regard, please note the Purchaser must provide their accurate personal data to our Client Care Advisor at the time of purchase of a Tiffany Gift Card for identification purposes.