Tiffany & Co. Leather Care

Leather and Canvas Care

The leather and materials used to craft your Tiffany accessories are sourced from the finest tanneries and fabric mills in the world. Preserve the longevity of your leather and canvas pieces with special care.

Day-to-day Care

External elements such as excessive heat or moisture can affect the overall look of your leather accessory. Following proper care and storage guidelines will ensure the longevity of our exceptional leather goods. When not in use, store your item in the protective dust bag provided at purchase.

Leather Types
Suede & Haircalf Care

How to Clean Leather Goods

When cleaning leather, always test a small, hidden area first. Never use saddle soap, oils, hairdryers, abrasive cleaners, furniture polish, varnish or ammonia to clean Tiffany leather accessories.

To remove stains, oil-based spots and spills, follow the instructions below: 

  • To remove stains, use a mild solution of one part soap to 10 parts water. Apply gently with a wet white cloth and then fully rinse. Let air dry.
  • To remove oil-based spots, use a dry white cloth to blot the area. The spot should quickly dissipate. Do not apply water to the spot.
  • To remove other spots and spills, immediately blot the area with a clean, absorbent white cloth or sponge. If the stain persists, use plain lukewarm water to carefully clean the spot. Blot with a clean towel, then air dry.
  • To clean patent leather or canvas, use a damp white cloth and a small amount of mild soap.



Request a Repair

We are delighted to offer cleaning and repair for most Tiffany products. Our services include:

  • Professional jewellery resizing, cleaning, polishing and repair 
  • Watch battery replacement, resizing and maintenance
  • Leather repair

We accept products for servicing at Tiffany stores. 

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For other servicing questions, please contact 0800 160 1837.

To submit a repair request by mail, click through below.